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Shop @ Magiko is a company that deals with the online and mail order sales of magical and esoteric items for lovers, enthusiasts and professionals of the occult. For years our company has been supporting and discreetly following the best and most serious esoteric operators on the Italian and European scene. Our products are therefore also advertised in the best esoteric television programs in Italy by our customer operators, and are also sold in the best esoteric shops in Italy. 

Exclusive esoteric items made as magical art teaches. Hundreds of unobtainable rituals of High Ceremonial Magic, precious talismans, magic spheres, incense, perfumes, objects, figured esoteric candles and artistic wax statues, pendulums, stones, crystals, dowsing and pyramidology, esoteric baths, statues, divination cards and tarot cards, runes, candlesticks, carpets for divination , magical herbs and pure resins, magical powders, aromatherapy, and feng-shui items. The added value of our production consists in the artisanal preparation and customization of the proposed products. All the material is subjected to adequate consecrations and at the request of the customer, we make any product required by design.

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