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  • We were born in 2013 targeting the payment method market, aiming to encourage the adoption of crypto assets and blockchain in the daily lives of Brazilians.
  • At a time when uncertainties about the future of this new technology limited the embryo of the Brazilian cryptoactive market to a small group of enthusiasts, Citar TECH brought to the world its first service, PAGUECOMBITCOIN .
  • Its main focus is the intermediation of the execution of credit recharges for prepaid cell phones and the payment of bank slips, allowing the use of bitcoins purchased, mined or received for the provision of services or sale of a product, as a means of payment in the real world for paying day to day bills.
  • The PAGUECOMBITCOIN , was the first solution focused on criptoativos focused on facilitating the Latin American payments to go into operation, having brokered the payment of more than 500,000 tickets and refills, still today a national leader in the industry.
  • With the evolution of the Brazilian market, the beginning of the entry of new companies in the sector as a result of the escalation of the capitalization of bitcoin, a commercial partnership was established in May 2017 with the American company Blinktrade Inc., which culminated in the absorption of the operational control of the Exchange BITCAMBIO.
  • In November 2017, during a Bitcoin historical high, a complete restructuring of CITAR TECH BEGAN, aiming at expanding the market presence with a focus on the development of ecosystems that could impact the daily lives of cryptoactive users.
  • The restructuring was completed in February 2018, with the creation of a new service launched under the brand PAGUECOMBITCOIN, an e-commerce payment gateway focused on cryptoactives.
  • During 2018, after identifying the pains of those who depended and were limited by the traditional banking system, we started to develop a new business, OPEY . Prepaid international credit card integrated into our platforms that allows the use of reais available on them or on our commercial partners' platforms as a means of instant recharge 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Due to the development of OPEY, WE also developed and maintain a platform for issuing bills and advances of receivables, allowing business owners and service providers to centralize the issuance and control of their bills in a practical and fast way without the natural difficulties of issuance through of conventional internet banking.
  • Our platform for issuing bills has a public API for integration and has already intermediated more than 40 million reais in receivables in 2019.
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