EVA Linux

Internet service, Hosting

Save money by having them function correctly!
Your privacy is our only goal!
Prevention tops everything!

We're a GNU & Linux company. More than that, we are proud members of the Community and contribute back to it.

We support the Fedora Project; with sporadic collaborations with the Funtoo, Gentoo and Arch Linux communities.

Our contributions:

Bug reports

Package maintenance


Support through their channels (IRC, Forum, Ask, etc)

We truly believe that FOSS is the only software that we should use. Closed source software, a.k.a. proprietary software, is a black box. You have no guarantees on what it does nor how it works. You just have to trust the author and that is a compromise we're not taking; nor we recommend you take.

FOSS is the only viable option for Government, Business or Personal use.

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Phone: +52 376 762 0811

Address: José Antonio Torres, 45850 Jalisco, Mexico

Email: [email protected]

Web: https://www.evalinux.com/

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